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Everywhere you go, there are animals watching and even performing for you.
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Buck and Doe - Cambria, CABobcat male - Templeton, CASquirrel Family, Moonstone Beach, Cambria, CACoyote pair hunting - Cambria, CARaccoon - Bear River Refuge, Brigham City, UTPronghorn Antelope males - Hwy 58, CATurtle pair - Clear Lake, CADoe and Fawn - Cambria, CAZebra group - wild from Hearst Zoo, San Simeon Hills, CADeer, large buck - Cambria, CACoyote - Cambria, CARattlesnake, mojave green - Rosamond, CAHimalayan Tahr Goat - wild from old Hearst Zoo, San Simeon Hills, CABison fake charge - Hwy 58, CAGray Fox - Suomussalmi, FinlandZebra herd - wild from Hearst Zoo, San Simeon Hills, CABison, large male - Hwy 58, CABobcat female - Templeton, CADeer in wildflowers - Cambria, CABobcat male with smell face - Templeton, CAHorse - Cambria, CAAlligator, large male - Everglades, FLWild Boar female - Cambria, CAPronghorn antelope females -Shell Creek Road, Hwy 58, CA