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Finland Bears
We spent four days and three nights in the wilderness of Finland viewing these Eurasian bears. The Martinselkosen Lodge is just a few kilometers from the Russian border. The sun never sets in the summer, so you sleep during the day in a very nice lodge. Then, from about 16:00 - 07:00 you quietly observe from a small hide which is a short drive and about a kilometer walk from the road. They have several locations. We chose one night in the forest, one in the swamp and one by the pond. We were very lucky to see at least a dozen bears every night. As you can see from our neighbor's hide, we were very close. It was exhilarating!
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Momma bear profile very close - FinlandBears playing rough in lake - FinlandBear staring at us across lake - FinlandMom with cub close - FinlandYoung, light colored bear close - FinlandMale and female bears courting - FinlandBear passing in front of us by lake - FinlandBear mom with 3 very cute cubs - FinlandLarge male bear searching for female - FinlandBear scratching butt on tree - FinlandBear mom very close - FinlandMating bears by lake - FinlandBears play fighting in trees - FinlandThree bear cubs in tree avoiding large males - FinlandYoung bear trying to climb out of lake - FinlandYoung light colored bear, very close - FinlandMale bear with reflection, FinlandSmall bear cub peeking around bush - FinlandBear in early mornning sun and fog - FinlandYoung bear very close - FinlandBear sitting in lake - FinlandBear shaking off after swim - FinlandYoung bear running in swamp - FinlandBear walking past neighbor's hide - FinlandBear in early morning sun - FinlandFull view of neighbor's hide at sunrise - FinlandBear cub sitting up - Finland